October 21, 2014

Some You Win, some You Loose

Since I've gotten on the grown-ups carousel things have been going sooo incredibly fast. I mean, life-altering stuff happening to me. I just redefined my whole existence and purpose. I find myself enjoying a quiet tea, instead of snapping with my girlfriends (wait woot?!). I turned down a night of clubbing (wft?!) Last week a had a huge personal victory. It all went down as if it was meant to be. I feel relieved and so satisfied that I accomplished this.

On another note, I had some minor "road bumps" also last week. Which lead me to question; is this all it's ever going to be? Successes tainted by losses.
I think I can remember back to a time when passing an exam was like saving the world, curing diseases, hunger and poverty all in one. Is it just me that had it so easy, that I could count my worries or is it in fact a tendency that with growing up, entering the world of grown-ups, you automatically sign up for a shit-load of crap and problems? I guess you win some, and you loose some. But to put it in perspective, focus on the positive. ...Naw, I just dwell on the annoying small bumps in the road...

Pants - Mango, Tote - Michael Kors Hamilton, Shoes & Blazer & Blouse - H&M, Sunnies - RayBan


October 13, 2014

Light Makeup Routine

In my world there is such a thing as light makeup routine. This is the routine I put on and try to convince my hubby that I am makeup-free while on a afternoon stroll. (evil laugh). But it is still one notch advanced in regards to the super-light makeup routine, which I apply on the morning train to work. I am going to walk you through these few easy steps for an angelic face while still focusing on skin protection and nourishing.

1. Step - Hydration
As I've matured I see the importance of good protection and nourishment for the skin. This is ultra important, guys! So, whenever applying anything to your skin start of by hydrating. My moisturizer of choice is the Clinique moisture surge intense. I am kind of weary when it comes to products that over-promises. But, holy s*it! It does EXACTLY what it says on the tin which is - soothes and rehydrates dry or dehydrated skin for 24 hours. However, it's not sticky or greasy like some richer moisturizers. But, heads up, leave it to set in before applying next step. 

2. step - Primer
 Always hydrate before putting on primer. I chose Smashbox photo finish foundation primer for this routine. It is very thick, almost like a gel, and only a drop is necessary so although it is kinda expensive it lasts for ages. It applies easily, and the finish is just as promised, it minimizes my pores, and gives me that photo-finish look. My skin feels really soft and silky after applying. 

BIG thanks to StrawberryNet for these products. 
Very fast shipping and excellent costumer service!



October 6, 2014


  …And you thought you were going to get rid of me that easy? Well, you are not. I am here to claim my thone as the number one Bosnian fashion blogger. I do however think that our generation is done playing around with blogging, and guys you know who you are. I mean, we are about 25 years old (some even older), and we should start to make something descent out our lives. We all know we are not going to become hot-shot celebrity bloggers. It’s maybe time to pass on the torch to the younger generation, and focus on something more (…), let’s say more intelectualy challenging than blogging to be nice for once. I really have a hard time letting go. I so enjoy rubbing my success into my frenemies’ faces, because that is all we do online, isn’t it? And they keep coming back for more, and my views are through the roof. But in all honesty, I took a moment to reflect on real-life, and to really enjoy the blessings in my life. My gorgeous family and friends, and my fabulous, kick-ass job as a freakin’ civil engineer. OMG, you guys probably hate me on a whole other lever right now. But, sorry I worked my ass of for ever single good thing in my life, and more than anything I am so damn thankful for my life.

Top - Gina Tricot, Heels - Retro Shoes, Bag - Michael Kors Hamilton


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