May 14, 2015

Forever Young

When one finds him or herself at the age of 25 years old, one must revise one's life carefully. Am I where I am supposed to be? Tomorrow I step into the othe half of my twenties, and it's scary as shit. And it gets me thinking; how long can I keep focusing on me? How much longer can I be selfish. Time is just running out on me, and the focus is about to shift. At least I am up front about being all about me; my career, my education, my fun and so on. Because in all reality we are one hell of a selfish generation, snapping selfies every second. If it's not about us, than it's not relevant. The range of concentration is up to 2 seconds and we are on to the next. Damn, we are the lucky ones; the world at our fingertips on our smart phones, dictating world trends on social media. We really have got it all. And I never ever want to grow old...
Coaat - Zara, Shoes - Retro, Jeans - Diesel, Shirt - Jean Paul, Bag - H&M, Sunglasses - RayBan


May 4, 2015

Holding back

I have nothing to say to you. Honestly, it’s weird, because I used to be so opinionated before. I think that a part of the maturing process is learning to hold back, to realize that not everything is black and white, and that there are not always rights and wrongs. However, I really wish it was that way. I am that kind of person – right and wrong, and nothing in-between. That being said, I do consider myself as a righteous person. And I deep down still believe that my beliefs are true; I’m just an eternal optimist and romantic. It’s just that promoting the believes isn’t something you gain by. It’s just a lot of words with no specific outcome. I personally find more joy in holding back.


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