April 21, 2015

Stars in the Sky

A night sky filled with stars is probably the most beautiful thing you will ever see. It’s so magnificient in all its glory. Especially if things are going you way, then you can really take a moment to enjoy this sight. Like last night, a rare moment for me. But I took a minute to be thankful for everything that I got, and not to focus on what I don’t. It is funny how the urge to have, acquire and own is so insignificant, but totally controls our lives. Unless you live in a mud hut, off course. Despite not living in a hut, I find these moments precious. And as I grow older I’ve learnt to appreciate the little things… Wait, who am I kidding?! I still want that AMG version of a Benz. PERIOD. YOLO, PERIOD!



April 8, 2015

Thanksgiving 2

 As I approach the 26th year of my life, I', missing the days as a student. And I am a nostalgic person, like an old soul in the 21th century. I served my due at University, and I can barely remember high school; Yet I do remember that it was that best time of my life – and that is a symptom of Graduation syndrome. I couldn’t wait to be done with homework, exams and deadlines, to find myself missing them. And don’t get me wrong, I love my job, and I am thankful for the opportunity to utilize my intellect (…yes, that I have J ). It’s just… The excitement, the long nights, the drive, the hope, the competition, the great tutors that made us exceptional engineers. Even the failure (and there were many) – it’s just that what got us to the next level, that pushed us to excellence. It’s weird, I ended up respecting the professors that tormented me the most. You Sirs, made me stronger, and while I do not remember exactly what your courses were about, you gave me a life lesson in how to conquer the unconquerable.  Because in all honesty, having the responsibility of a civil engineer requires above all rigor precision, decisiveness and accuracy. So any civil engineer that says “maybe”, deserves a slap on the face, because the correct answer is a quantity or yes or no depending on parameters X and Y. You are not an architect, for God’s sake. So this is, from the bottom of my heart, a great thank you to the hard-core, conservative titans of professors at the University of Tuzla. Keep on beating the shit out of those aspiring, ambitious, young students - They will thank you one day. 


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