December 8, 2014


The amount of time we have been given on this earth is limited. And before I get too morbid, I want to reflect on what time means. It is weird how when you are have a blast,that time just disappears. But, when you are waiting for a friend that is 10min late, it never seems to pass. Or, how time flies faster as you get older. I have to admit that I have had issues with deadlines, and to be on point. But, as of now I have a friend to help me; Daniel Wellington. This elegant timepiece makes it stylish to be on point. The design is timeless J It’s the perfect time-piece both for casual, professional and elegant wear. My choice this time was the Classy Sheffield model. To follow are posts with this gorgeous watch. Thank you, Daniel Wellington!
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Watch - Daniel Wellington Classy Sheffield, Jacket - Zara, Bag and Boots - Michael Kors, Pant - H&M


November 26, 2014

Limited Minds

We humans have the privilege of being gifted with 5 senses. We take inn information from the reality around us continuously. We process this information and the output is a formed opinion. It’s like we have a billion thoughts in our minds at one, it’s constantly buzzing and crowding our minds. Over time, we develop patterns in regards to how we process information. Just imagine the matrices from the movie Matrix. Well, inside our heads there are far more advances matrices telling us what to make of an impression. These patterns are crucial to our attitude towards the world, and whether we approach the world around us as an optimist or pessimist. These patterns are defined by previous experiences and genetics. And they are like a prison cell for our mind. It strictly condemns our minds to stay within the boundaries of that cell. Translation: your mind has a predefined setting as to how it is going to interpret inputs. To change these patterns you basically need to re-wire your brain, which requires immense discipline and effort. Yet, they say that the mind has no limits. What a load of crap.
Sunnies - RayBan, hat - Days like this, Boots - Zara, Coat - H&M, Bag - Michael Kors Hamilton


November 15, 2014

New In + Giveaway winner

Vrijeme je za tradicionalni NEW IN-post!
Nisam dugo podijelila s vama novosti iz mog garderobera, pa zato je pravo vrijeme danas!
Uz to imam giganticne suradnje o kojima cu malo nagovijestiti danas.
I zadnje, mozda vama najbitnije; pobjednica nagradne igre je Martina Jokic!
Cestitam i javi se u inboks Martina!

A mi idemo dalje;
Mozda ste vec zapazile moje nove Michael Kors torbice. Za boje mogu se zahvaliti Mr. Muzicu. Jedna je Hamilton Emossed leather (crna), a druga je Saffiano leather (bijela). Bijela je genijalna za ljeto i mnogo sam je nosila u Budvi. Crna je prakticna za posao je uguram u nju firmin laptop. 

Danas su mi ove patikice stigle, nagovjestavajuci ogromnu suradnju sa NIKE. Hvala NIKE za divan poklon i radujem se nasoj suradnji. Pratite me u januaru i mozda nesto slicno stigne vama <3

Dok smo na temu suradnji; moj go-to proizvodjac satova DANIEL WELLINGTON ima zimsku kampanju i uz kod holidaymilna89 ostvarujete popust od 15% na njihovom sajtu:


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