August 28, 2014

City Girl

I am one of the lucky people that has the privilege to live in Oslo.
While the city hasn't been internationally recognized as an architectural metropolis, it certainly has it's charm.
What I consider to be the best qualities of Oslo as a city, is the safety.
I actually do feel safe here, even though we live in fearful times.
And the the city is very practical, it has a solid public transportation infrastructure.
And you have the kind of freedom to do what ever you wish as long as it is in the frames of the Norwegian law. So this is my point of view.

But being a tourist in Norway is probably a rather expensive affair.
Tre brødre, a touristy restaurant on Karl Johans gate, charges 9 USD for bottled water! Welcome to Norway. He said, shamefully.
A worker on minimum wage from Bangladesh would have to work 82 hours to pay for that water, a Cuban would need to put in 180 hours while someone from Sierra Leone would have to sweat 300 hours worth of water to buy the same tiny bottle of water. And considering that I work in Oslo water utility, I know for a fact that Oslo has one of the best and cleanest tap water in the world!
The you have the cold climate, and the seemingly cold people.
But note that everything is not as it seem.
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August 25, 2014


When a person openly displays a trait that you have been trying to hide. tame and suppress, you hate it.
You hate the fact that that person does not seem to comprehend that this particular trait is negative, not in order nor socially accepted. But his or she don't give a crap. 
While you on the other hand, you give your all to act by all the rules of society, to be a good and respectful citizen of the world. To follow every rule and law, and there are so many! Which naturally draws a lot of energy. 
Why the hell have we made so many rules for the modern society beats me, but hey, rules are not to be broken.
...and here comes this degenerate, a person who has declined, as in morals as in character, from a standard considered normal. He scratches is ass in public, sneaks past the queue, and doesn't give a shit about anyone but himself.
And here the hatred comes in.
You wish to be able to do all those things (except the scratching of the ass - that is just nasty), to be free to only consider yourself.
To do exactly what pleases you.
But you can't - or your won't out of fear.
We hate in others what we most fear in ourselves.

 New jumper from Chicnova!!
You can find it  HERE!
So gorgeous, thank you Chicnova! 
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August 21, 2014

Market Value

You all know that I have a job now.
And by that I mean a real job, because we all know that blogging is not a real job (...and will never be)!
It's obvious that I've been a bit distracted and absent from my blog.
Which has it's reasons;
I enjoy my work.
I find satisfaction in making money by selling my thoughts and logic.
While on the blog, I sell my looks.
I've been persistent in writing these deep texts - but, let's face it, no one reads them.
By selling, I mean that I get paid to think, resonate and draw conclusions.
Conclusions that have big consequences.
And it is all a confirmation to me as a woman.
That besides all exterior - my thoughts are appreciated, and have a market value.
Pants - Mango, Heels - Zara, Top - Forever21, Hat - H&M

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