June 16, 2014

Beauty and Youth

I started this blog so I could have an arena for my texts and writings – or was it to get free clothing? Well, it is all the same now. In the few months that followed the opening of my blog two of my then best friends also opened their blogs. Acts that raised a lot of questions, but answered more.

But this text is not written to single out some, maybe deserving, but no. My words speak of all woman as one, because we are, more or less, the same. Through my blog I have come to the conclusion that woman envy only one thing – the power to attract the opposite sex. Which in essence is beauty and youth. That is exactly how vain we are. But it is not we who make the rules – we only play by them. Men are in all honesty attracted too looks, and only looks at first glance. Brutal, but true. So that means that a woman will never be jealous only of other women's power, success, strength, determination, intelligence and so on. Sure, all nice features to supplement cute faces with huge boobs and a tight ass that stays where it is supposed to.

That is why girls take selfies; to show each other that they are prettier. That is why blogs thrive; girls click to hours and hours of photos while jealousy grows. That is why we distort reality on social media; to manipulate each other to thing we have the upper hand. And that is why I am still in the running for Bosnia's most popular blogger.




  1. So pretty, dear!! This skirt is amazing!! Very chic!

  2. Divno izgledaš, a i suknjica mi se mnogo dopada. I boja i model!

  3. Slatkis moj, odlicna je kombinacija, a posebno sam se zaljubila u jaknu ;)

  4. haha I have the same skirt! Lovely look :)


  5. gorgeous!
    love your skirt

  6. pink mi je uvijek bila jako jako draga boja, a tebi divno pristaje :))


  7. Suknja je preslatka! Sve skupa odlicno:)


  8. Odlicna kombinacija, pun pogodak, mada ja licno ne bih ovu jaknu na ovu kombinaciju.

    p.s. Da li mi neko moze pomoci oko postova, i uredjivanja bloga, nova sam ovdje :) Neka mi se javi na juricanja@yahoo.com


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